Dr. Dean Foti

Clinical Assistant Professor 

Clinic: Alzheimer (ALZ) @ UBC

Rapid Access Neurology




Phone (604) 822-7678

Fax 604-822-1796




Biography & Research Interest:

Dr. Foti is originally from Ontario, and completed medical school training at McGill University in 1989.  Gradually migrating westwards, he completed his residency in Neurology at the University of British Columbia, moving south to complete two years of fellowship training in Behavioural Neurology at UCLA.  Dr. Foti has been on staff at Vancouver Hospital since 1996.  He holds the title of Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia (UBC).  His practice is in Behavioural and General Neurology, and his main areas of interest are dementia and traumatic brain injury.  He is active in the Clinical Trials program at the Clinic for Alzheimer Disease and Related Disorders at UBC Hospital.