Dr. Mano Javidan and Dr. Tiffany Townsend have been the Co-Directors of the Epilepsy Program. Dr. Mano Javidan is also the Director of the Neurophysiology Lab at Vancouver General Hospital. Dr Javidan is the ex- president of the Canadian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology (CSCN) and the ex- member of the Executive Board, Canadian Neurological Society Federation (CNSF). He has also served as examiner for the EEG Board examination of CSCN since 1999. Dr Javidan is the ex- IFCN representative from the Canadian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology.

Clinical Activities

Epilepsy Clinic

This has been a very active year. Patients with wide range of epileptic disorders, diagnosis of spells, first seizure, complex and refractory epilepsy, and candidates for epilepsy surgery or complex medical treatment were assessed. Dr. Townsend and Dr. Javidan worked in the clinic 4-5 days a week.

Seizure Investigation Unit

This unit is located on T5B at VGH. It is the only adult epilepsy surgery program in British Columbia. In 2011, a total of 62 patients were monitored in the 2 bed SIU with 21 epilepsy surgeries performed and 8 with invasive monitoring. Another 10 patients had completed investigations in 2010 and waiting to have surgery. The technology within the SIU continues to advance with improved usage and accuracy of the seizure detection software. Extensive education is provided to the neurology nursing staff and patients/families by Janice Henrikson, a skilled nurse practitioner.

Research Activities

Dr. Javidan has been actively developing a program of clinical research spanning the rates of non-convulsive status epilepticus, the outcome of patients with the diagnosis of non-convulsive status epilepticus, the localization and prediction of seizures by computerized analyses, the characteristics of patients with temporal lobe epilepsy and surgery without interictal epileptic activity on EEG and the weighted value of interictal and ictal EEG activity in the surgical outcome of patients with temporal lobe epilepsy.

Teaching Activities

The Epilepsy Program plays a key role in the education of Neurology residents and fellows. Neurology residents spend at least 3 months of their residency on the EEG/Epilepsy rotation where they interpret outpatient and inpatient EEGs, admit and are directly involved with the care of the patients in SIU and those seen in the Epilepsy Clinic, all under direct supervision. Drs. Javidan and Townsend are both active in CME and also have served as experts on provincial and national committees.


Co-Directors: Dr. Mano Javidan and Dr. Tiffany Townsend