Pacific Parkinson’s Research Centre

Clinical Activities

The Movement Disorders clinic continues to be the largest dedicated Parkinson’s and Related Disorders in the province with patients travelling from across BC to attend, which resulted in greater than  4100 patients visits in 2017 alone. We provide a multi-disciplinary approach that involves extended nursing, a nurse clinician, physiotherapy and social work care. As people are living longer with the disease, comprehensive care is becoming more challenging, with non-motor features like dementia requiring special care.

We have implemented an extensive Parkinson’s specific EMR template to assist in education, streamline patient processing, and provide comprehensive care. We have integrated Neuropsychiatry into the clinic with expertise in Mood Disorders and Functional Movement Disorders.

We have piloted some telehealth consultations with patients in remote communities.


We continue to train fellows and residents in the Movement Disorder clinic, as well as undergraduate medical students. In addition, MSc and PhD in Physics, Engineering and Neuroscience students receive training through the Program. In 2017, over 37 trainees (graduate students, post-docs, clinical fellows, residents), received training in the Movement Disorder clinic.

Research Activities

Through a combination of peer-reviewed and donor funding, the Movement Disorders program maintains an active research program in PET, MRI, EEG and behavioural research related to Parkinson’s disease. The centre as a whole published over 30 papers in high-impact journals related to PD.


Participating Divisional Members

  • Dr. Cresswell
  • Dr. Doudet
  • Dr. Farrer
  • Dr. Javidan
  • Dr. Jones
  • Dr. Katz
  • Dr. McKeown
  • Dr. Ruth
  • Dr. Sossi
  • Dr. Stoessl
  • Dr. Tsui