The Neuro-Oncology Program is a multidisciplinary program including members of the divisions of Neurology and Neurosurgery and Departments of Medical and Radiation Oncology.  Its goals are to provide comprehensive care for patients with CNS malignancies and establish both clinical and basic science research programs targeting brain tumors.

Clinical Activities

BCCA Neuro-Oncology Site runs a multidisciplinary clinic for brain tumor patients including medical oncology, neurology, radiation oncology, nursing and counselling services.  Weekly patient review boards exist for both CNS malignancies and for Stereotactic Radiotherapy.

Research Activities

The Brain Tumor Clinical Trials Unit supports clinical research into new therapeutics in primary and secondary brain tumors.  We have contributed to several landmark phase III clinical trials in glioblastoma and low grade glioma.  Currently we are looking at completing immunotherapy trials in glioblastoma and starting new trials in oligodendroglioma and newly diagnosed glioblastoma. A study of bevacizumab for the treatment of radionecrosis is also underway.

Basic science research under the leadership of Dr. Stephen Yip continues to focus on the genetic characterization of brain tumors with a goal to develop a personalized molecular approach to treating these diseases.