Clinical Service

The Neurogenetics Clinic is a referral center for British Columbia providing over 250 outpatient visits in a year. The patients seen have a wide range of inherited peripheral and central CNS disorders the most common include the ataxias, channelopathies, hereditary spastic paraparesis, the phakomatoses, myotonic dystrophy, CMT, ALS, and mitochondrial disease. Many of these patients are participants in genetic research run through the UBC Neurogenetics Unit and have donated DNA to the clinic DNA bank. As well there are Neurogenetic arms of the Alzheimer and MS Clinics which provide genetic counseling to patients and families with these disorders.

Education and Research

Neurology Residents, Medical Genetic Residents, Paediatic Residents and Medical students attend weekly Neurogenetic Clinics. This clinic provides a unique opportunity for students to see a wide range of inherited neurological diseases which they might not otherwise have the exposure to.

The Neurologists associated with the Neurogenetics Clinic are active in CME and also have served as experts on provincial and national committees.

The Neurogenetics Clinic also provides research opportunities to neurology residents and medical students.

Participating Divisional Members

  • Dr. Farrer
  • Dr. Hsiung
  • Dr. Leavitt
  • Dr. Mezei
  • Dr. Raymond
  • Dr. Sadovnick
  • Dr. Spacey